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В категории размещена книгопечатная продукция от издательства "Penguin books", создающего издания самых разных тематик. Творческая работа авторов издательства "Penguin books" нацелена на создание общедоступных и специализированных изданий, способных улучшить, как уже существующие знания, так и узнать новое для себя в художественном жанре.

The One Plus One

Only Jess’s knight turns out to be Geeky Ed, the obnoxious tech millionaire whose vacation home she happens to clean. But Ed has big problems of his own, and driving the dysfunctional family to the Math Olympiad feels like his first unselfish act in ages . . maybe ever ➤ подробнее about Moyes J.: The One Plus One.

Swelley Mary: Frankenstein Level 4. Pack

Classic Stories which have been carefully graded for each level according to vocabulary, grammatical structures, sentence length and plot complexity ➤ подробнее about Swelley Mary: Frankenstein Level 4. Pack.

Louisa May Alcott: Little Women

Growing up in New England during the American Civil War isn’t easy for the March sisters – Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy ➤ подробнее about Louisa May Alcott: Little Women.

PR 3 The return of Sherlock Holmes

In 1891, the great detective, Sherlock Holmes, disappeared in Switzerland while working on a dangerous case. Everyone thought that he was dead. But three years later, he returned to England ➤ подробнее about Doyle A.: PR 3 The return of Sherlock Holmes.

The Moonstone

This is the "Penguin English Library Edition" of "The Moonstone" by Wilkie Collins. 'Here was our quiet English house suddenly invaded by a devilish Indian Diamond - bringing after it a conspiracy of living rogues, set loose on us by the vengeance of a dead man' ➤ подробнее about Collins W.: The Moonstone.

Silas Marner

Jojo Moyes: The Girl You Left Behind

The Girl You Left Behind is a hauntingly romantic and utterly irresistible new weepy from Jojo Moyes, author of the Richard and Judy bestseller, Me Before You.
What happened to the girl you left behind ➤ подробнее about Jojo Moyes: The Girl You Left Behind?

Ian Fleming: On Her Majesty's Secret Service

На секретной службе Ее Величества - одиннадцатый роман о подвигах неуязвимого Джеймса Бонда, где он продолжает охоту за лидером преступной организации СПЕКТР Блофельдом. На этот раз - на шикарных курортах Швейцарии и с помощью очередной красавицы ➤ подробнее about Ian Fleming: On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Charles Dickens: The Mystery of Edwin Drood

The Mystery of Edwin Drood is the final novel by Charles Dickens, unfinished at the time of the author's death.
Though the novel is named after the character Edwin Drood, the story focuses on his uncle, choirmaster and opium addict, John Jasper, who is in love with Drood's fiancee, Rosa ➤ подробнее about Charles Dickens: The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

The Master and Margarita

Banned for 27 years and initially published in a heavily censored edition, The Master and Margarita is probably the most important Russian novel of the 20th century ➤ подробнее about Bulgakov M.: The Master and Margarita.

Me Before You

Lou Clark knows lots of things. She knows how many footsteps there are between the bus stop and home. She knows she likes working in The Buttered Bun tea shop and she knows she might not love her boyfriend Patrick ➤ подробнее about Moyes J.: Me Before You.

The Rosie Project

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion is a story about love, life and lobster every Tuesday. Meet Don Tillman. Don is getting married. He just doesn't know who to yet. But he has designed a very detailed questionnaire to help him find the perfect woman ➤ подробнее about Simsion G.: The Rosie Project.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

In a vase in a closet, a couple of years after his father died in 9/11, nine-year-old Oskar discovers a key.The key belonged to his father, he's sure of that. But which of New York's 162 million locks does it open?.So begins a quest that ➤ подробнее about Foer J.: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.

High Fidelity

Do you know your desert-island, all-time, top five most memorable split-ups?Rob does. He keeps a list, in fact. But Laura isn't on it - even though she's just become his latest ex. He's got his life back, you see ➤ подробнее about Hornby N.: High Fidelity.

Lord Jim. A Tale

This compact novel, completed in 1900, as with so many of the great novels of the time, is at its baseline a book of the sea. An English boy in a simple town has dreams bigger than the outdoors and embarks at an early age into the sailor's life ➤ подробнее about Conrad J.: Lord Jim. A Tale.

The Mayor of Casterbridge

In a fit of drunken anger, Michael Henchard sells his wife and baby daughter for five guineas at a country fair ➤ подробнее about Hardy Th.: The Mayor of Casterbridge.

Far from the Madding Crowd

I cannot allow any man to - to criticise my private conduct!' she exclaimed. 'Nor will I for a minute' ➤ подробнее about Hardy Th.: Far from the Madding Crowd.

The Portrait of a Lady

She knew of no wrong that he had done; he was not violent, he was not cruel; she simply believed that he hated her'. When Isabel Archer, a beautiful, spirited American, is brought to Europe by her wealthy aunt Touchett, it is expected that she will soon marry ➤ подробнее about James H.: The Portrait of a Lady.

A Tale of Two Cities

After eighteen years as a political prisoner in the Bastille the aging Dr Manette is finally released and reunited with his daughter in England ➤ подробнее about Dickens Ch.: A Tale of Two Cities.


She did not know then that it was Love who had come to her briefly as in a dream before awaking, with the hues of morning on his wings - that it was Love to whom she was sobbing her farewell as his image was banished by the blameless rigour of irresistible day' ➤ подробнее about Eliot G.: Middlemarch.


From a child grappling with the death of a fallen priest, to a young womans dilemma over whether to elope to Argentina with her lover, to the dance party at which a man discovers just how little he really knows about his wife, these fifteen stories bring the gritty realism of existence in the autho ➤ подробнее about Joyce J.: Dublinersr

Донна Тартт: The Secret History

Donna Tartt, winner of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for her most recent novel, The Goldfinch, established herself as a major talent with The Secret History, which has become a contemporary classic ➤ подробнее about Донна Тартт: The Secret History.

Liane Moriarty: What Alice Forgot

Alice Love is twenty-nine, crazy about her husband, Nick, and pregnant with their first child ➤ подробнее about Liane Moriarty: What Alice Forgot.

Henry Miller: Tropic of Capricorn

Tropic of Capricorn - вторая часть скандально известной автобиографической трилогии Г.Миллера.

В книге приводится полный неадаптированный текст романа, снабженный комментариями и словарем.

➤ подробнее about Henry Miller: Tropic of Capricorn>

Antony Burgess: A Clockwork Orange

Энтони Берджесса - английского прозаика, поэта, литературоведа, лингвиста и композитора - по праву называют одним из величайших интеллектуалов своего времени. "Заводной апельсин" - самое знаменитое произведение автора ➤ подробнее about Antony Burgess: A Clockwork Orange.

Louisa Alcott: Good Wives

Хорошие жены - продолжение романа "Маленькие женщины", который по праву считается одним из самых популярных романов, написанных на английском языке ➤ подробнее about Louisa Alcott: Good Wives.

Hans Andersen: The Complete Fairy Tales

Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875) was born in Odense, the son of a shoemaker. His early life was wretched, but he was adopted by a patron and became a short-story writer, novelist and playwright, though he remains best-known for his magical fairy tales which were published between 1835 and 1872 ➤ подробнее about Hans Andersen: The Complete Fairy Tales.

The Pigeon Tunnel. Stories from My Life

From his years serving in British Intelligence during the Cold War, to a career as a writer that took him from war-torn Cambodia to Beirut on the cusp of the 1982 Israeli invasion, to Russia before and after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, John le Carre has always written from the heart of modern ➤ подробнее about Carre J.: The Pigeon Tunnel. Stories from My Lifet

David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants

What if everything we thought about power was wrong? What if, in the ancient story of the shepherd boy who topples a giant, David actually had the advantage ➤ подробнее about Gladwell M.: David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants?

Ethan Frome

He seemed a part of the mute melancholy landscape, an incarnation of its frozen woe, with all that was warm and sentient in him fast bound below the surface' ➤ подробнее about Wharton E.: Ethan Frome.