Mayle P.: A Good Year

A Good Year

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Пособие/книга "A Good Year", автором которой является Mayle P., издана "Sphere". Издание выполнено в мягкой бумажной обложке и растиражировано.



Max Skinner is a man at the heart of London's financial universe until his employers embark on a little asset-stripping of their own. Himself. Amid the grey London drizzle, there is one potential ray of sunshine: Max's Uncle Harry has left him his estate in his will - an eighteenth-century chateau and vineyard an hour's drive from Avignon. Out of a job, and encouraged by his friend Charlie about the money in modern wine, he heads for France.


"Читай-город" - огромная сеть магазинов, предлагающая огромный ассортимент книгопечатной продукции.
A Good Year
Год издания: 
Число страниц: 
Мягкая бумажная
19.7 x 12.8 x 1.5

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