Lawrence D.: Lady Chatterley`s Lover

Lady Chatterley`s Lover

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Пособие/книга "Lady Chatterley`s Lover", автором которой является Lawrence D., издана "Wordsworth Edition Limited", в рамках серии "Wordsworth Classics". Издание выполнено в мягкой бумажной обложке и растиражировано.



With its four-letter words and its explicit descriptions of sexual intercours Lady Chatterley's Lover is the novel with which Г). II. Lawrence is mo often associated. First published privately in Florence in 1928, it became world-wide best-seller when Penguin Books successfully resisted an attem by the British Director of Public Prosecutions to prevent them publishing a unexpurgated edition. The famous 'Ladv Ghatterley trial' heralded the sexu


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Lady Chatterley`s Lover


Lady Chatterley`s Lover
Год издания: 
Число страниц: 
Мягкая бумажная
20 x 13 x 1.6

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