Doughty L.: Apple Tree Yard

Apple Tree Yard

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Пособие/книга "Doughty L.: Apple Tree Yard", автором которой является Doughty L., издана "Faber and Faber". Издание выполнено в мягкой бумажной обложке и растиражировано.



Released to coincide with the flagship BBC One four part series, this is the latest edition of Louise Doughty's massive bestselling novel.Yvonne Carmichael has worked hard to achieve the life she always wanted: a high-flying career in genetics, a beautiful home, a good relationship with her husband and their two grown-up children.Then one day she meets a stranger at the Houses of Parliament and, on impulse, begins a passionate affair with him - a decision that will put everything she values at risk.At first she believes she can keep the relationship separate from the rest of her life, but she can't control what happens next. All of her careful plans spiral into greater deceit and, eventually, a life-changing act of violence.Apple Tree Yard is a psychological thriller about one woman's adultery and an insightful examination of the values we live by and the choices we make, from an acclaimed writer at the height of her powers.


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Doughty L.: Apple Tree Yard


Apple Tree Yard
Год издания: 
Число страниц: 
Мягкая бумажная
19.8 x 12.8 x 2.8

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